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Welcome to Morocco Human Library and coworking space @ ILCS

Morocco Human Library and coworking space focus on invisible women voices  

The unique Human library reserved for women

What we do?

Support women of all ages via education

Provide a safe space for voiceless women to share their stories

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Human library.  

Come meet living books virtually or face to face and learn about their course of life for your research, art work, book or curiosity.

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Safe space to meet living books




How It Works

Take insitu  or online  workshops.  These are in women empowerment,  gender equality, gender approach , communication, marketing, digital marketing, ecommerce and/or lamguages

workshops start  every first Monday of the month

We will be happy to provide these workshops virtually.  These are for credits and you can transfer  to any university in the world

Once you create your account on moroccohuman you enter your space to select the live book according to your criteria.The librarien  assists you with suggestions 

Cafe Interior

Morocco human library is proud

to offer a virtual as well as

physical space to meet ILCS

female living books.  

You just make a reservation to meet

the book you signed up for.  

Why Women library?

Morocco Human library helps alleviate poverty among young women via education 

Morocco Human Library do empower women via ILCS leadership programs 

Morocco human library gives voice to voiceless women.  


Have access to a range of women struggling  because of discrimination

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